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West Harlem Arts – a collaborative initiative of The Children’s Art Carnival and Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano – is pleased to present MEMORY + HEALING + SUSTAINABILITY, a new exhibition in dialogue with Afrofuturism philosophy and aesthetics.
MEMORY + HEALING + SUSTAINABILITY addresses the questions: how do you heal when memory is both prescient and present? How do you save the world and yourself and exist as a complete being when the world has torn you apart? Through paintings, collage, mixed-media, photography, and other media, the 18 exhibiting artists seek both to be free in the presence of a post-pandemic world that has divided itself once again while seeking to find roots in this fragile reality where distance outweighs desire.
The exhibition features works by Ayling Dominguez, Candace Leslie , Cecilia Ines Tavarez, Dionis Ortiz, Elan Cadiz , Gayle Davis, Gia Shakur, Isabel Varela , Janelis Germosen, Jimmy James Greene, Jirair Tcholakian, Jonas St. Juste , Kimberly Cabán, Maria Fernandez, Steven Mckenzie, Uniqua Simmons, Wilhelmina Grant-Cooper, Yasuyo Tanaka