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About West Harlem Arts

Future Forward

West Harlem Arts is a collaborative, community-based initiative from The Children’s Art Carnival (CAC) and Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano (CCCD). In the wake of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, the organizations joined forces to present a virtual exhibition series celebrating the resilience of local artists from West Harlem and the surrounding community. Organizing the exhibition has allowed us to take a great step towards supporting and collaborating with a new generation of artists as well as offer creative, civic, and cultural programming for community development. CAC and CCCD were able to convene an outstanding panel of judges that helped us to organize a show that reflects the diversity of talented creators living and working in our neighborhoods. We look forward to cultivating partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded communities in the near future.

Marco Saavedra | Gilded Irises on Mesoamérica Resiste! | 30″ x 48″ | 2020
Candace Leslie | King | Oil paint | 8”x8” | © 2020
2021 GroupShow


West Harlem Arts, a collaborative initiative from The Children’s Art Carnival and Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano, is pleased to announce its inaugural group show, Resilience.The virtual exhibition series celebrates the work and resilience of visual artists residing in West Harlem and the surrounding community during the COVID-19 pandemic and features works by Cathleen Campbell, Nicole Goodwin, Wilhelmina Grant Cooper, Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez, Julia Justo, Carolina Leiva Ureta, Luis León, Candace Leslie, Michelle Melo, Dionis Ortiz, Daisy Ruiz, Marco Saavedra, Uniqua Simmons, Jonas St. Juste, Yasuyo Tanaka, and Carla Torres.

West Harlem Arts: Resilience 2021 is made possible with funding from West Harlem Development Corporation.