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Future Forward

West Harlem Arts is an online platform created to promote and support the collaborations between community arts organizations and celebrate the diversity of cultural programming available to the West Harlem community and its surrounding neighborhoods. West Harlem Arts recognizes that collaborations and partnerships are key to the cultivation and development of arts organizations and centers itself as a meeting place for all members of the community to come together and identify, develop and achieve common goals around serving the community.

West Harlem Arts Exhibition planning committee

(Left to Right Top Row) José Ortiz, Program Manager, The CAC, Lisandra María Ramos, Board Member CCCD, Camille Wanliss, Communications Manager The CAC, (Left to Right Bottom Row) Dr. Marilu Galvan, Executive Director CCCD, Michael Unthank, Interim Board Chair, The CAC, Stefen Reed, Operations Manager, The CAC.

The Children’s Art Carnival

Since 1969, The Children’s Art Carnival has provided arts programs for young people and families in West Harlem and the broader Harlem community. Understanding that the arts are a bridge to learning and overall competency, CAC’s longstanding objective has been to support participants’ development and growth from early ages through adulthood and provide creative experiences that will engage young people, their families, and community members. We are equally committed to providing professional development opportunities and resources to early-career and emerging artists from Harlem, New York City, and throughout the region.

Children’s Art Carnival Harlem School of the Arts

Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano

Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano (CCCD) was founded in 1962 and has operated in Hamilton Heights for over 50 years with a mission to celebrate our arts and culture and for the empowerment of the Dominican, Latinx, and African-American community politically, professionally, educationally, culturally, and artistically. The CCCD operates an active arts program, and the Francisco Chapman-Veloz gallery offers monthly art exhibits and is a gathering space for community artists, photographers, sculptors, and other artisans. CCCD offers literary and performing arts programs in creative writing, cinema and theatre in addition to their visual arts offerings.