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2022 Artist

Cecilia Tavarez

She believes in the healing power of the expressive arts and nature.


Cecilia Ines Tavarez (aka – SEER) a Dominican-American artist born/raised in New York. She attended CUNY City College of New York, receiving a B.A. in Studio Arts in 2015. She a is a late-blooming artist who began her formal art training at the High School of Art & Design, has taken coursework at Fashion Institute of Technology and studied abroad at Altos de Chavon/Parsons in Dominican Republic. She has exhibited her work with NOMAA (Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance and other local organizations.ace is based in Inwood, New York.

Artist Statement

Cecilia Ines Tavarez is a multidisciplinary visual biopic artist using various mixed media art processes to create her vibrant mystical compositions. She uses a variety of mediums but focuses on using natural materials and repurposed found items among other various elements to create these surreal compositions and handmade sacred objects. She believes in the healing power of the expressive arts and nature. Her source of inspiration comes from her love of the natural world, street art/photography, surrealism and symbology. Through her work, she explores the relationship between the inner and outer landscapes, welcoming us to connect with the world differently and invite us to turn our gaze inward. She explores the feminine identity, the relationship between the visible and invisible elements that construct our realities.

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