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2022 Artist

Uniqua Simmons

Everything is connected our Memory ,Healing and Sustainability, those that are “Woke” have a Job to help others.


Uniqua Simmons born and raised in Harlem. A Mother of two and two grand children is a Certified Fitness Practitioner, Performance Artist, Self -Taught Jewelry, Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary Artist. She writes and creates Art about her Culture, Muses, Wellness, Liberation, Community, Diversity, Healing & Peace, and empowerment work. Using Arts and Education for all abilities.
She is the Creator Artistic Director of My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S ( My Art, Making Art, Diverse, Necessary, Educational, Sustainable, Selfless)

Her Mantra ” Each One, Teach One, To Reach One, Through Arts Education and Wellness”
” I love that I can use my skills and talents to teach, and help heal myself and others.

Her Jewelry designs, Arts, Performance and Wellness have been shared, seen and exhibited in Essence Magazine, Essence Catalog, Brooklyn Museum Shop, Eileen Fisher, Gallery Vercon, The Brownstone Woman, Arsenal Gallery – Central Park, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, West Harlem Arts, Children’s Art Carnival, Emblem Health, Natural Awakenings , Daily News, Eclectic Butterfly dance Theatre,
Contact Information:,,,, IG- myartmadness, afyaafrojazz, FB Uniqua Simmons

Artist Statement

I create Muses, Fiber Art, that represent African Culture, Knowledge, and a purpose to the world. e.,g. Afya- Health, Intuition, Sisterhood, Motherhood, Empowerment. Living in your Purpose, Afya, and Being Butterfly reflects our spirit and lives of metamorphosis, healing hope, sustainability for ourselves and others. Our memory of the present, past and future ignites us to move forward. We find and must be healed to do and be even when all around is crumbling. The flowers and vines connect all beings and nourishes each soul to be. Everything is connected our Memory ,Healing and Sustainability, those that are “Woke” have a Job to help others.


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