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2021 Artist

Uniqua Simmons

Everything is connected and has its own purpose: Strength,  Weakness , Vulnerability, Love, Hate, Individuality.  Can you imagine a world without it?  


Uniqua Simmons is  a self taught Visual Artist, Jewelry Artist, Certified Fitness Practitioner, and Performance Artist.  She has been creating art since She was 10 years old.  As a Teaching Artist  for over 20 years Uniqua enjoys working with all abilities and ages.  Some of Her working experiences are with the Department of Education, Senior Community Centers, and  Artist Residences . Her personal and teaching  work is inspired  from Her advocacy for diversity,, community, autism, and mental health . She created My Art MADNESS (My Art, making Art , Diverse, Necessary, Educational, Sustainable, Selfless)  to inspire , encourage , share, teach and heal through the Arts.  Her mantra is “ EACH ONE, TEACH ONE, TO REACH ONE” A lot of Uniqua’s community and personal work is creating community quilts , hand crafted jewelry and using recycled and up cycled materials. Uniqua continues to use Performance Art, Fitness and Visual Arts to help bridge the gaps to acceptance   Jewelry- Brooklyn Museum, Essence Magazine, Eileen Fisher, Gallery Vercon.  Art Exhibit- Central Park Arsenal Gallery,  Northern  Manhattan Arts Alliance, Sisters Uptown Bookstore.

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by diversity and how important diversity is. Everything is connected and has its own purposes. Strengths,  weaknesses , vulnerability, Love, Hate, individualities.  Can you imagine a world without it?  


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