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Sisters Uptown Bookstore + La Morada Mutual Aid Kitchen + Marco Saavedra

Sister’s and Brothers Uptown

Working with Ms. Janifer P. Wilson, Owner of Ssisters Uptown Bookstore, we wanted to convey the history of Harlem using images of Baldwin and Malcolm X and Wilson. These two giant figures orbit around Wilson much like her bookstore orbits around her work and vision.

Sisters Uptown Bookstore


Provide Art ,Literacy, Poetry, Music/drums, story tellers, children story time, book clubs a place to gather and just Be!!


Sister’s Uptown Bookstore, LLC to continue to provide a safe space for the exchange of information and ideals. Provide Culture and literacy for our community and the universe as we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors who made great sacrifice in order for us to to embrace our rich history and diversity.

Janifer P. Wilson


On or about January 1, 2000, I took a leap of faith and brought a positive change to a crumbling community; I opened Sisters Uptown Bookstore and added “Sister’s Uptown Cultural Center” in June 2007. We provide resources for members of the community to nurture their minds, hearts and souls with present and past works of gifted African American authors and other great authors and intellectuals including masters of spoken word.

We have successfully become a positive staple in the community of Washington Heights and recently celebrated 15 years of community service. We are not just a book store; we are a community resource center for the exchange of information and ideas. Our motto is “knowledge is key”. We provide an educational, emotional, spiritual and loving environment for our diverse community where all are welcomed.

Mutual Aid Kitchen at La Morada

La Morada Restaurant in Mott Haven, Bronx, is a Mutual Aid Kitchen was created in service to a community devastated by COVID-19. Owned and operated by the Saavedra family, La Morada has served as an activist and community space for decades. The pandemic worsened the borough’s already high rates of food insecurity, so the Saavedras converted their operations to food assistance. They cleared out the dining area to accommodate boxes of donated produce and set up tables where volunteers could package meals for distribution. The Saavedra family launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the mutual aid kitchen. They teamed up with CSA farms to source bulk produce, with culinary collectives to subsidize meal costs, and with local tenants associations to deliver hot meals to those most in need, particularly residents in Bronx buildings without gas. In addition, they have focused on providing meals to essential workers and people released from detention who are quarantined in shelters on the edge of the city. The Mutual Aid Kitchen continues to operate four days a week—from Tuesday to Friday—serving 5,000 meals to residents in the Bronx, Washington Heights, and Harlem.


Marco Saavedra is an artist and works at his parent’s restaurant in New York City, La Morada. He is co-author of Shadows Then Light and “Make Holy the Bare Life”: Theological Reflections on Migration Grounded in Collaboration with Youth Made Illegal by the United States. The story of his clandestine work in an immigrant detention center is told in the award-winning film The Infiltrators (2019).