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Sistahs About Sup’hum Serious + Uniqua Simmons


Our Banner was an inspiration for all mothers and Black girls of BIPOC communities to be proud of who they are and what they provide to the world. The love and passion for helping our young black-born females (ages 10–24) transition into the world as critical thinkers, advocates for themselves, and agents of social change regarding the negative stereotypes of black women are what moved us to want to see a butterfly transformation within ourselves as well as the community.

Sistahs About Sup’hum Serious

Sup’hum we do as Sistahs who are Serious About change is seek knowledge, provide support, promote advocacy, and share resources with females of all ages and backgrounds in a BIPOC community called Harlerm.  Our vision is to help females embrace and celebrate their identities, unique qualities, and contributions to society.

Together with community members, schools, NYCHA( New York Housing Authority), volunteers, and staff, we employ 12-week rites of passage program, products, and workshops to promote D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Elevate youth participation and leadership, and help shape the next generation of phenomenal women.

Since our conception in 2005 as a not-for-profit, our Rites of Passage program has helped women and girls find their true calling and develop their innate skills and abilities. But our recent 501c3 status has allowed us to help more females in BIPOC communities with workshops, products, and programs that help develop and support issues females encounter from puberty to the introduction of their menstrual cycle all the way through adolescence years and beyond.

We are a mission-driven, community-led,  not-for-profit. Addressing the stages every female will go through. And we’ve worked hard to design a system that welcomes females of all ages and stages. We honor females and their contributions to society; we help them Discover, Empower, and Believe in their sense of self. 

At SASS, we want to encourage females to take up leadership positions, learn about their civic obligations, become engaged in their communities, and grow in confidence and competence as individuals and as members of society.We are committed to what matters, allowing our daughters to be a part of the conversations at the round table and not only be the discussions of debate on the table. This is why every city should have SASS in its community.

Uniqua Simmons

An Idea Is Born

My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S. was created with a  need that Art is for all abilities and ages.  Our vision is to make art diverse, necessary, educational, sustainable, selfless.  We specialize in creating classes and workshops for all abilities and levels.  We collaborate Arts and Education for a unique and individual experience. Events, classes and workshops for your needs and wants.  If you have an idea that ​needs a creative birth , let us know. We are here to help you create it.

Teaching Artist

Uniqua Simmons is a Self-Taught Visual /Mixed Media Artist, Jewelry Artist, Teaching Visual Artist, Performance Artist, and Certified Fitness Practitioner. 

 Born and raised in Harlem she has been creating and teaching Art and Fitness for over 20 years, for all abilities and ages. 

Believing that Everybody can art, From this passion She created My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S. and teaches classes at the  DOE, Seniors, Families, etc

She has exhibited at:  Kente Royal Gallery, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, Children’s Art Carnival , West Harlem Arts,  Sisters Uptown Bookstore, Local project, Central Park Arsenal Gallery, SK Artspace, Buunni Coffee,