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PATHOS Creative Inc. + Candace Leslie

We Belong

“We Belong…. “Dispels ” the desert” within the self to come home to ourselves” We Belong… also reminds us that to nurture a sense of belonging, is the cohesion of healthy action: protecting what is sacred, choosing kindness and demonstrating courage, together with genuine concern for others. This is ultimately indispensable for our own individual happiness.

Sophia Morris-Pittman, Founder

Welcome to where the harmonious interplay of three essential concepts- Inspiration, Motivation and Healing – comes together to ignite the PATHOS within you. We believe in harnessing the power of emotions and experience to open  the way to new ventures where creativity compels personal transformation creating value for all generations and communities.

Founded in 2022 by Sophia Morris-Pittman, PATHOS Creative is a multi-dimensional entity that produces and curates performances, exhibits and events with an array of artistic disciplines (visual arts, music, dance, etc.).  

We engage the collaborative voices of  artists, educators and thought leaders in project based opportunities, to garner unique perspectives, styles and outcomes to have further reach and impact. 

We also conduct project based arts education workshops (K-12 & higher education), lectures, as well as professional development for educators and professionals; programs are delivered online and in person. 

Join us on our journey to celebrate our complexity and the diversity of our shared humanity.

Candace Leslie, Visual Artist

Candace Leslie is a visual artist exploring the symbiotic relationships evident in motherhood, haircare and the manifold forms of blackness. As self-taught oil painter and collage artist born and raised in Columbus, GA, she cultivated a strong appreciation for plant life, natural elements and fable and folklore. Utilizing a hybrid practice combining gritty, gnarled texture and multi-layered brushstroke techniques with transformative chroma, Candace paints upon various surfaces, including wood panel, framed canvases and long, linen strips. Her current work highlights the nurturing aspects of haircare and rites of passing on cultural knowledge of this symbiotic nurturing transmitted across generations of women and children, showcased inside surreal, folkloric settings. Candace’s work has been included in the Hair @Ely group exhibition at Ely Center for Contemporary Art and West Harlem Arts: Resilience exhibition. You can find her work on her and on her

Instagram @thou_doth_art.