Artists to Watch

In recognition of their commitment to the development of their artistry the following five artists have received the honorable mention prize we call our Artist to Watch prize. We invite you to check out their work and follow them on social media.

Christine Sloan Stoddard

Visual Art, Drawing

​​Christine Sloan Stoddard is a Salvadoran-American artist and writer creating books, films, murals, and more. She founded Quail Bell Magazine and runs Quail Bell Press & Productions. Her books include Heaven is a Photograph, Naomi & The Reckoning, Desert Fox by the Sea, and Belladonna Magic, among other titles. She has shared work with The Huffington Post, the New York Transit Museum, the Kennedy Center, and beyond. Previously, she was the first-ever artist-in-residence at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House in Manhattan. Her films “Bottled,” “Drunken History,” and “Butterflies” are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Jerilynn Torres

Visual Art, Painting

One day I would like to be part of community service giving back to east harlem where I was raised. I want to give free paint class when I’m able to earn a living while doing so. It’s also my dream to touch up the old community murals I’ve seen growing up and are know faded almost to non existence, please let me know how to help! I love east harlem it is a magical vibrant community I never want to leave I want to give back to my community, paint murals, teach paint classes as I already do, to give people a skill to meditate and a chance to express themselves!

Maria Fernandez


Originally, I started taking photos because I was interested in exploring human rights and identity. I am a self-taught photojournalist based in New York City and Dominican Republic. Since my days as a high school student I was very concerned with the issues that affected the Dominican diaspora in New York City. Being a photography enthusiast allowed me to see these issues from a different lens. Photography afforded me the opportunity to approach different people within the community including the community leaders of the time to confront these different issues. Using the camera as my tool, to voice these issues facilitated my interaction and approach towards people.


Susan Gonzalez

Mixed Media Artist

Susan Natacha González was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is an artist, educator, and art therapist. As an artist, Susan utilizes different concepts to explore the relationship between media, process, and product. The practice of art-making provides space and time to respond to events and experiences with others. Susan believes we are not isolated in our creative processes. We are a collective within and out of our bodies.

William Daniels

Textile Arts

William Daniels is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in textile. He seeks to explore the endless possibilities of its multiple uses in his practice. His art quilts and accessories feature traditional quilt blocking, and paper piecing techniques and he sometimes incorporates nontraditional components in his work. He derives inspiration from urban art practice that confront contemporary issues and is always experimenting to integrate modern archetypes with historical, societal, or spiritual topics. While some of the concepts in his work are quite unambiguous and literal, others are abstract references to the anthropological experience, individuality, or contain esoteric philosophies and historical references from the coded glyphs of ancient cultures. Daniels is a New Orleans native currently residing in the Harlem section of New York City. He is a 3rd year PhD student at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, holds a Master’s in Project Management from New York University and a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts from SUNY Empire State College. He is a member of Quilters of Color Network of New York, and Managing Principal of the audio/visual production company Qi Media in Long Island City, New York.